what i'm loving atm :P pt.I

1. Solange's New Album

Losing you was my jam back in the day and now she is back and better than ever. Her music videos call to my retro femininity and damn does she say it the way it is. Goddess worshipping my Solange.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0qrinhNnOM


2. James R. Eads, artist and illustrator

Stalked the shit out of his tumblr. Damn. 

Just go see the magic that is him. 


Source: http://jamesreads.tumblr.com/

Source: http://jamesreads.tumblr.com/

3. Please read The Snarling Girl by Elisa Albert

Here is the link--> http://hazlitt.net/longreads/snarling-girl

Shared this quote with you guys that I feel in every level of my being.

This dynamic awakens a ferocious dormant animal, a snarling girl with a big mouth, too smart for her own good, nothing to lose, suffering privately. She’s me at fifteen, more or less. When she is ready to stop suffering privately, she’ll become a writer.

Oh really, she says. Now I matter? Wrong, motherfucker: I mattered before. (Also: Nope, can’t help you write a book, best of luck.)

She’s a little trigger-happy on the misanthropic rage, this snarling girl. She is often accused of “not living up to her potential.” She is neither inspired by nor impressed with prep school. The college admissions race leaves her cold. Her overbearing mother berates her about crappy grades and lack of ambition. (O-ho, the snarling girl says, you want to see lack of ambition? I’ll show you lack of ambition!) Where she is expected to go right, she makes a habit of veering left. She is not popular, not likely to succeed. Her salvation arrives (surely you saw this coming) in the form of books, movies, music. She obsessively follows the trail of breadcrumbs they leave behind. Here is a neat kind of power: she can be her own curator. She can find her way from one sustaining voice to another, sniffing out what’s true, what’s real. In her notebooks she copies out passages from novels, essays, poems, and songs. She Sharpies the especially resonant bits on her bedroom wall. This is how she learns to trust herself, no easy feat. These are epigraphs to the as yet unwritten book of her life, rehearsals for the senior page she is keen to assemble. These stories and lines and lyrics are companionship, proof that the universe is much, much bigger than her radioactive family and rich bitch west L.A. and Hebrew school and Zionist summer camp. Behold: She is not crazy! She is not alone! She is not a freak! Or, rather: she is crazy, she is alone, she is a freak, and she’ll keep glorious company with all of these other crazy, lonely, amazing freaks.
— http://hazlitt.net/longreads/snarling-girl

4. My spotify playlist is lit. 

I am obsessed with these jams currently. Take your pic and jam along.

Source: Spotify, my playlist

Source: Spotify, my playlist