thanksgiving table

By the end of the night, the women have ceded the idea that conversing with men as interesting and naturally migrate to a comforting room to talk amongst themselves rather than argue about trivial things. Garnering biscuits, fruit, water and coffee, or maybe with nothing at all, each women sits at the table and slowly but surely initiates conversation about each families’ past year through inquires, recipes, botox and other good old gossip references. Indeed, it is actually this table that holds upmost importance each holiday (unbeknown by most holiday party-goers). Of course, there are some women that do not relinquish their seats next to their spouses or children hoping to share little and gain the most family gossip; however, let it be known that the women at this table are usually weary of the women who do not join since they seem to always require a crutch to fix their handicap nature. And most importantly, they are never fascinating company. If anything they put a damper on most things, almost like men except they by gender can sit at the table. Some men do try to sit at the table but are usually chased out through ridicule. Some men use another tactic by trying to gain attention for they too realize their handicap and shortcomings without someone by their side.

The nature of the table is like the ocean’s tide, controlled by the moon and emotions and since I have never learned the art of sailing, one should recognize one overarching fact: the table favors mostly no one and tolerates people sparingly. One year you might be the bell of the table and the next you can be cast to the corners trying hard to hear.